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Papal Greeting

Papal Greeting _ 136th Supreme Convention _ Knights of Columbus Please read and share with your council our Holy Fathers greeting to the 136th Supreme Convention by clicking on Papal Greeting above.

Columbian Charities

Who is eligible to obtain assistance? Any member of a California Council with at least twelve months good standing who is in need of temporary assistance, and the widows and orphans of such members. How can California Columbian Charities help a Brother in need of assistance? By helping to relieve financial distress due to unemployment, […]

Report of Officers

Worthy Brothers, We need the state directory to ensure communication with council leadership continues and to accomplish this all councils should have submitted their report of officers (Form 185) to Supreme and State Council. Please submit report of officers immediately if not already completed.

California Columbian Charities

Worthy Chapter Presidents and District Deputies, Again, California is overwhelmed with 17 wildfires throughout the State. Thousands have been evacuated. 12,000 firefighters are on the lines in harms way battling these fires. There has been loss of life. Please keep all involved in your prayers. California Columbian Charities (365 Club) is prepared to expedite assistance […]

General Agent’s Update

I just wanted to give the Knights of the Redwood Chapter a quick update on what the Cabral Agency is doing on in your area. First of all in January I divided up the Councils with my existing staff so that every single Council has representation until a permanent solution can be put in place. […]


Welcome to the new Knights of Columbus Redwood Chapter website. We hope to be able to use this a new channel of communication to all the Knights in the Redwood Chapter. Take a look at the calendar and be sure to check back for new features as we roll them out.