100% Of Your Proceeds Go To Help Those Areas Affected.
From the Northern
District Master

Established in 1968 the Redwood Chapter of the
Knights of Columbus serves the Catholic Diocese
of Santa Rosa, California. 

The Chapter consists of the Councils and Districts in Napa, Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte Counties in Northwestern California. Our primary purpose is to provide an organization, communication and support service to the councils in our area. Additionally, we take on projects as directed by the Bishop of the Diocese. Annually we conduct the Chapter Family picnic in August and throughout the year through the activities in the individual councils, we provide support to Diocesan Youth Programs.

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Shepherd's Calling

Again, a second time, he said to him,
Simon, son of John,
have you any love for me?

Yes, Lord, he said,
you are certain of my love for you.

Then take care of my sheep, said Jesus.
-John 21:16
How You Can Help

Urgent action is required by all Knights.

This is an urgent appeal to all Knights from our bishops to oppose imminent legislation SB 360 (requires breach of seal of confession) & SB 24 (requires our public universities to distribute the Chemical Abortion Pill to students)  Everybody's legislator may be easily contacted by using the following link and entering their zip code:

Your help is needed with historic flooding across North America

You can help our brother Knights, their families, and communities affected by floods in places like Iowa, Nebraska, Ontario, Quebec and countless other disasters by making a donation to Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc.

Kairos Team 53
San Quentin Christian Prison Ministry

Dear community, I’m writing asking for your help so we, Kairos Team 53, can help the new candidates inside San Quentin keep building up their Christian Prison Ministry. Kairos International is asking each team member to contribute at least $200. Any amount is acceptable. I’ll be organizing with faithful men and women, along with Deacon Jim Carr, to bring this event through fruition during this Labor Day weekend. If you are not able to donate at this time then feel free to just spread the word using the link below. Most of all, we will need your prayers. Thank you!

Anthony Añasco
Grand Knight
Of Council # 11431
St. Vincent De Paul Petaluma CA

NEWS: A Recap of the Knights' 2018 Charity

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A few hours a month makes all the difference in your community.

If you have thought about an opportunity to give back to your parish and community then becoming a Knight could be for you.  Just a few hours of your time a month to volunteer is all it takes to be a blessing to those in need.  We promise you're not signing up for active duty, just a few hours is all it takes and making lifelong friends while you're at it. Click here to sign up for your local chapter.